Not an enigma, just a contradiction. (thunder_and_sun) wrote in doggettsucks,
Not an enigma, just a contradiction.

Just to let you know

David Duchovny is gonna be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tomorow. I believe he's going on to promote his new movie Trust the Man. I wouldn't be surprised at all though if Jon asks him about another X- Files movie.
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He was on Letterman last night and on O'Brien tonight...he's promoting his self-written, self-directed, and self-starring movie House of D. I can't wait to go see it.


April 15 2005, 23:06:05 UTC 12 years ago

i luv mulder soo much. david is so hot. i wish i could meet him.
Anyone know where there are transcripts or anything? I wasn't able to watch but it would be cool to know what happened.
There is a video of it up on The Daily Show website