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Alright, I've given the first string of interested folks an ample amount of time to apply, now it's everyone else's turn. My utmost concern is getting play started, so absolutley neccesary roles will be filled first, they are the following-

Fox Mulder
Alex Krycek
CGB Spender

Once these roles are cast, we will begin looking over applications for any other characters who are around and alive in the start of the fourth season. Applications can be sent to, or feel free to post them on the OOC community, abyss_ooc.

We are _intotheabyss_, one of just a couple X-files rpgs on livejournal. Our plot starts in the middle of Redux part II, with Mulder on his way out of Defence Department facility with his holy grail, a possible cure for Scully's cancer, he comes face to face with an even bigger holy grail, his long lost sister, inexplicably just 17 years old and intent on putting a bullet in his head rather than let him walk out the door with what he came for.

Will Agent Scully survive this turn of events?

Can Agent Mulder win his sister back from the irresistable lure of the dark side?

What has the smoking man been hiding from Mulder all along?

You decide!


RPG Experience:

Journal you plan on using:
Describe their personality in your own words.
Describe their current emotional state as you percieve it.
Where do you plan on taking the character during this game?
Are there any ideas/suggestions you have for this game?
Finally, include an RPG sample (your character interacting with another character).

1. Firstly! And most importantly. We love the English language and though sometimes typos happen, all main posts have to be spell checked, grammar checked and checked for continuity before posting. All comments thereafter should be checked to the best of your ability making sure you "dotted your i's and crossed your t's" so to speak. Please check other people's comments and READ the previous comments before replying, ensuring your reply makes sense.

2. Replying to posts: Please do not force another character to do anything. (god-modding) You control only your own characters and no one else.

3. You are who you are, and the character is who they are. You are merely a vessel. Yes, change them slightly. But try not to completely take them out of context.

4. No OCs right now. I know it's a shame, but I've seen too many Agent Mary Sues to take the chance. The show has four years of random canon characters that can be played.

5. Post! Oh please post! If you are going away for a long time (a weekend or longer) then tell people in the OOC and we’ll work around it. Don’t ignore tags either. If you can’t reply then you must tell the person who tagged you, it’s only fair. The posting requirement is once a week, but every other day is prefered.

6. We are an over 18 community and as such allow content of a sexual, violent and graphic nature. But because anyone can read the RP, please put any NC-17 material behind an LJ cut. It isn't necessary to friend lock it, but please cut it. Use your judgement.
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